Our Team

Senior Management

  • Marketing Attribution’s CEO and CFO Ross ("-boy") and Cindi Link founded Marketing Analytics Inc. in 1991
  • After Marketing Analytics was acquired by Nielsen in 2011, Ross led Nielsen’s global marketing mix business and emerging MTA business
  • Our team includes some of the best analytics talent from Marketing Analytics and Nielsen’s Marketing ROI group and has decades of experience in marketing measurement

Experience and Expertise

  • We’ve developed marketing mix and/or attribution models for a wide variety of verticals, including consumer packaged goods, retail, e-commerce, financial services, insurance, automotive, hotels, restaurants,technology, telecom, music, apparel, health and beauty, and museums
  • Our methodology has been published in textbooks and taught in leading universities

Leading the Industry

  • First automated marketing mix modeling system (Coefficient Generator®)
  • First Bayesian marketing mix model
  • First published solution to aggregation bias in marketing mix models (Store Group model)
  • First automated marketing mix tracking dashboard in partnership with Information Resources Inc. (Drivers on Demand™)
  • First to incorporate effective frequency in marketing mix response curves ( Methods and apparatus to incorporate saturation effects into marketing mix models )
  • First sign-corrected empirical Bayesian model in the cloud

Meet Our Team

Ross Link, CEO
Ross Link
Cindi Link, CFO
Cindi Link
Yue Xiao, SVP Analytics Development
Yue Xiao
SVP Analytics Development
Steve Hoffner, SVP Consulting Services
Steve Hoffner
SVP Consulting Services
Joellen Kerger, SVP Product Management
Joellen Kerger
SVP Product Management
Marysue Redmann, VP Human Resources
Marysue Redmann
VP Human Resources
Molly Giese, Senior Manager, Consulting Services
Molly Giese
Director of Consulting Services
Liam Lundy, SVP Data Engineer
Liam Lundy
SVP Data Engineering
Jae Young Kwak, Lead Web Engineer
Jae Young Kwak
Lead Web Engineer
Ying Guo, Analytics Consultant
Ying Guo
Analytics Consultant
Andy Liu, Analytics Consultant
Andy Liu
Analytics Consultant
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