In-House Modeling Software

Have your own analytics team run models, analyze business trends and drivers of ROI, and plan for the next marketing cycle using our intuitive, performant, cloud-based analytics software. We license our tools to multiple sophisticated measurement and data science teams at leading advertisers and market research firms.

Flexible Tools That Meet Your Needs

We designed our tools to meet the requirements of any marketing team, small, medium, or large. Load and review your data, generate your models, find the key drivers of your sales, and forecast your sales, all on the same cloud-based platform. All our tools are available for licensing together or separately.

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Get Your Results Faster

Marketing Attribution Cloud Infrastructure

Attribution Engine lives in the cloud, so start-up is easy. You can customize your data inputs, model specs, and workflows to suit the needs and timeline of your business.

Attribution Engine streamlines formerly manual steps such as data reviews, graphing your business drivers, and summary statistics, as well as results review, all in the UI.

You can build as many models as you want or need. When done, you can send the final results to your stakeholders.

Use Industry-Leading Processes and Algorithms

Leverage the best-in-industry practices and algorithms built into our software to get the most from your analytics. We are accomplished, industry veterans that have generated multiple patents and breakthroughs in the field of marketing analytics. Using our software, you will have over 30 years of the best marketing analytics expertise at your fingertips.

Marketing Attribution Expertise

Expert Support and Guidance

Our experienced consulting and support team is always available (and excited!) to train your team on how to use our tools effectively, and to answer any questions about the math behind the scenes. No more black-box analytics with your current MMM vendor, because you will control your own modeling. You can move quickly and confidently with our tools.


Explicit Bayesian Priors

Attribution Engine accepts priors to allow modelers to address difficult modeling challenges such as bridging model results from other analytics, using a benchmark as a prior when data is weak or sparse, and other statistically valid use cases. Using Explicit Priors allows the model to consider external information while letting the data speak as well.

Network Modeling

Media can have both a direct effect on sales as well as an indirect effect, as when a TV ad drives sales but also drives search which in turn drives sales. Network models address these second-order effects and can be automatically generated off any MMM by our modeling engine with the click of a button.

Store-Group Modeling

Store-group modeling is a viable, accurate alternative to modeling with store-level data. Find out why our store-group modeling solution is an innovative, fast, and cost-effective way to excellent MMM results for U.S. consumer packaged goods companies.

Automated Data Review

Never be in the dark about what is feeding into your model. The engine automatically summarizes and graphs your data for easy and fast validation. Check to make sure the totals are correct, review the time series for insights, and export to share with colleagues.

Model Comparison Tools

Attribution Engine has built-in model comparison tools, so analysts can efficiently track on model iterations, identify the best model, and share with internal stakeholders or clients.

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