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Marketing Attribution helps companies measure and optimize the effectiveness of all their marketing, including advertising within the so-called “walled gardens” like Google and Facebook. In most industries and markets, we can do that with person-level sales and controlled trial data while respecting privacy and adhering to GDPR and CCPA regulations using our MTA-RCTSM approach. In other cases, we do that with marketing mix modeling which our team helped pioneer in the 90s. Either way, our sophisticated analytical software uses proven, battle-tested statistical techniques and machine learning to measure the incremental sales from each of your media and marketing investments. Our advanced optimization algorithms allocate marketing spend to the most efficient investments, facilitating better media planning and scheduling by both advertisers and media buyers.
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Marketing Attribution Drivers – Measure All Your Marketing Spend with Marketing Attribution


Our cloud-based attribution software suite helps us and can help you measure and optimize marketing effectiveness:
  • Attribution Engine is a scalable, generalized modeling engine that runs either marketing mix or multi-touch attribution models.
  • Drivers reports incremental sales and ROI from marketing campaigns and explains why sales are up or down.
  • Planner forecasts the impact of future marketing plans and suggests changes to optimize your spending.
Marketing Attribution Tool Workflow - Attribution Engine, Drivers, Planner

Service Options

Software Licenses

  • We license Attribution Engine, Drivers, and/or Planner to you
  • We support our software and resolve any issues
  • You run the models and load tools

Automated Model Updates

  • We run the models and load tools on a routine, typically monthly or quarterly, turnkey basis
  • Our support team answers questions and resolves any issues regarding the models or tools


  • We run the models, present results on-site or via videoconference
  • We load any licensed tools
  • Dedicated support team answers questions and conducts ad hoc analyses as requested


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