Senior Frontend Engineer

Location: Evanston, IL (relocation offered)

About the Company

Marketing Attribution was founded and is run by Ross-boy Link, a seasoned statistician and entrepreneur who’s been doing data science since before the term was coined. Ross continues to actively participate in the development of the product given his background in analytics and you’ll see him sling some SAS or Python to experiment with a new way to crunch numbers.

We develop and support highly automated analytical software that uses cloud-based statistical analysis of large marketing datasets to measure the incremental sales that result from various media, allocate marketing spend to the most efficient media, and connect to media buying systems to execute media buys.

In short, we take the client’s sales and marketing data, run analytics on it (our secret sauce), and from those results, tell the client where they should start and/or stop spending on marketing (TV, Radio, Internet etc.).

About the Challenges

We’re building a platform that needs to ingest anywhere from tens to hundreds of gigabytes of raw data, organize it, and store it in a place where our models and algorithms can run against it.

Our clients want the analytics results quickly, so speed is a feature for us. That means we’ll need to leverage big data tools like Hadoop, Spark, AWS Redshift or Aurora, and Google BigQuery. Which technology we’ll pick depends on the client’s needs and your input.

Our frontend needs to cater to analytically minded folks with low tolerance for fluff and a focus on speed and ease of use.

What You’ll Need

Compensation and Perks

How to Apply

To apply, send an email to with a cover letter, resume, and links to your public profiles (LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.) if you have any.

If you'd like more information about the job before you apply, feel free to ping me on Linked In and we can grab coffee to discuss the position some more.